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    here i have to divide things in two.
    1st- the project
    2nd- your work in SU

    the project

    That building is somehow familiar to me but i am not seeing were it is. It seems a good work, very coherent and simple. Hope you get a good grade.

    your work in SU

    Ok... i am a bit of a suspect, i have just started working with SU, so almost everything seems simply amazing. but there are some things, that you mastered here, that troubles me in SketchUp, expecially line thickness, i am guessing that there's a simple solution but i just didnīt found it...

    In the end congratulations for a great work.


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      thanks for the coments. i really try to keep things simple and functional caused i try to give the project a industrial look. but theres some errors in this project that i didnt had time to fix...

      the images are pretty simple to make. for this images i put the colors in face front and black white (better this way, cause if i used the "hidden line mode" in skethcup that puts everything white and with lines,cause in this mode the shadows and color gradients dont look so good).then u just have get a way to save it in to a jpegat 300 dpi (the regular export is 72 dpi in skethcup if im not mistaken).use something that install a virtual printerin your pc and that can be used to print to jpeg, and this way u can put scale on it too (use pdfcreator, leadtools...some of them are free programs).for line thinkness i really didnt use nothing, the line is always the same thinkness, and what gives expression and importence in the draws are the shadows, but in the sections planes to give more inportence to the "cut" area what i did was puting the section plane where i wanted,then did a create groupe from slice, copy that component created to a new skethcuup file and make faces on him and painted black,then copy it again and place in the same spot. u may have to move a litle section plane (move in a direction 1mm ou 0.5mm) just so that hhe wont make the black faces disapear, and thats all. no reall mistery in this

      hope this would help


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        looking good alltough you should be more careful when you add shadow to your perspective. Also change the red lines on the sectionplanes.

        But its some nice modeling!


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          ok, from your explanation of the project and the plan that is published i cannot 100% follow, i think some washed colours may have helped this planning organisation, thena again, i'm not viewing in person.

          ok.. the design i think needs to be explained further. it seems to be very open and from the perspectives the space seems a bit empty and the shed structures above are large but i wonder how the space is cordinated totally cos it seems maybe a bit too open and i wonder a s apublic space whether it'd be a ghost town.. also is this a resuse of the shed strcuture or did you design the roof form, if so why this hape, cost, like it etc???

          i would like to see some smaller details, peopel intercating with the space.. and why is the green house under cover doesn't this go against the design of a greenhouse, the auditorium/lecture theatre has a bizaar open space in front is this architect's folly or does it serve some purpose??... the sections are beautiful and will guarantee you some great marks..

          the sections are brilliant.. well done, maybe the best sections i've seen on ppb...


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            Ouesty, in the last image you can see that half the greenhouse is under direct sunlight, and you probably need some shade in sunny portugal.
            What I would actually like to know is wich city is it located in.
            Now the modelling is amazing. The way you did the old part of the building is beautiful. Really . Also the hidden line presentation looks really good although I think it works against you in this case.
            You say that you wanted to give the project an industrial look and therefore you would be choosing different materials for this, but you can't tell how you want it to look from the drawings you presented. I know it takes time but it adds a lot more depth to the idea.
            Also I think your project has a lot of uncontrolled open space. It's not bad to have an open plan, but you need to fill it up with uses. If not it would be a barren place. Program should also organize access to the school level and make everything easy to find.


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              can you be a litle more specific about the shadows in the perspective plz?about the red line:i wanted to do black and white in the perspective section planes but it didnt work so good as in the normal sections planes (and sometimes it was just more confusing) so i decided to keep the red lines (and this way was faster too)

              i didnt design the roof structures,they already exist from the old warehouses so i decided to keep it and use it as base for the my project.the auditorium has some errors that i was unable to solve due to lack of time =(.in this project i didnt put the urban furnitures and some stuff showing how things would work in that open space because i wanted just to keep the essencial and tough it wasnt necessary and the drawings would be better like im not sure

              its located in lisbon (Lisboa).have u ever been in portugal cacapis?the far i went was believe me, i would love to complete detail this model with textures and everything possible and then render it with v-ray or maxwell but as always time wasnt in my favor....and i even doubt my machine would be able to handle the model with textures (it was already slow without it)

              thanks for all the comments guys.Hugzzzzzz